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Louvers (or Louvres according to British English) are window, shutter or blind with parallel slats or planks that are slanted to let in air and light, but to keep out noise, rain, and direct sunshine. The slant of the slats are usually movable in blinds and windows but can also be fixed.
Originally constructed out of wood, modern louvers are now often made of aluminum, glass, metal and wood. They can be opened or closed with levers, pulleys, or remotely controlled.
When we specifically refer to plantation shutter louvers, there are many different options to choose from and you can be as creative as you feel like. You should keep in mind the size of your window, the colour of your window shutters, and the number of panels you will have in your shutters.
Some subscribe to the philosophy that “less is more” which would mean that the lesser number of shutter slats and therefore a wider slat would make the window look less busy and give the room a more spacious feel to it. The larger type of shutter louvers that one would typically go for in this instance would be between 2 ½ inches to 3 ½inches wide.
These types of larger slats are usually spaced farther apart and therefore have a larger gap between the louvers. This would then allow for more light to enter the room. Of course, since it is movable you can allow as little or as much light or noise in as is desired.
An alternative to the wider plantation shutter louver is going the opposite route and trying a slat size between 1 to 2 inches wide. This can often be a striking window décor alternative that, when done properly, can be enhance the look of your window. This is actually quite recently becoming a trend that we are seeing in home décor. In the princess 2011 Princess Margaret Showhome we helped enhance the look of wallpapered bathroom ensuite by installing window shutters with small width shutter louvers and painted them in the colour black jack (2133-20). When you look at the image of the room you can see that the shutters then became a striking feature popped in the room.
The look was so popular we were asked to use this shutter louver size again in the 2012 Princess Margaret Showhome and once again it was used in a bathroom ensuite. This time the effect was more subdued but the smaller sized louvers still gave the shutters a nice pop especially since it was only used on one medium sized window. Using it on a larger window or many windows in a room could give the window a busy look.
Are you having trouble deciding which look would be right for you? Email us a photo of your window and give us a little bit more information as to the look and feel of the room that you are going for. We would love to email you back our suggestions or even better give us a call or leave us your phone number and we would be glad to help you with your room.

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